Thursday, March 29, 2007

Illustration Friday... I Spy

I Spy... A ribbon, a rose, gears and arrows
Lace and a button, a tornado, an eye,
bubbles escaping into the sky.

This is my first contribution for Illustration Friday. The theme was "I Spy...". It started off as me sitting in front of the tv with a pen and my sketchbook and I just kept adding and adding to the designs. My 6th grade students have been working on textures in class, so I guess I just felt like creating lots of textures.


Justin said...

Delightful. What a fun illustration.

Ammon said...

Awesome illustration. YOUr work (and your blog) is amazing. I am very impressed.

Janice said...

Your stuff is gorgeous.. just had a look see through your gallery.... Fantastic !