Saturday, September 1, 2007

Illustration Friday: Alphabet

Illustration Friday: Alphabet
Pen and Colored Pencil
The theme was "Alphabet". Here is my daughter writing in one of her school books. I was hesitant to post this for my illustration Friday theme. It got negative reviews at home. The face isn't quite right. Oh well, I worked on it a long time and now the kids are hungry for their supper, so it will have to do.


Mim said...

It's beautiful - ignore those negative comments!

messy_fish said...

Yeah, I agree with mim! I love the concept as well as your technique

studio lolo said...

I think it's wonderful! She looks very intent. Maybe the family critisized you because they wanted an exact likeness? Don't listen to them, it's awesome and fresh!

Cheryl Woodring said...

I think it looks just like her.