Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Pen and Ink

Zoom in closely to see that this entire picture is made of words. This is a picture of my son and two nephews while we were at the beach last summer. They were sitting in the stairway playing gameboy.

In one of my classes, we were talking about values. You can use anything to create different values (lines, dots, patterns, even words). For one of their projects they had to draw a picture and use words to create the light and dark values in the picture. When you look closely you see all of the words, when you step back, you see a picture.I did this picture as an example and to work out any kinks my students might run across.

Most of the words say: Zeke, Andrew, Jack, Pinnow, cousins, gameboy, play, fun, win, concentrate, Gulfshores, Alabama, Beach. There are a few areas in the drawing where I wrote about our trip (kind of like a journal- who was there, where we stayed etc.).

There are a few problem areas in it, but my experiment worked out ok. I think I will try to do this picture again---normally (meaning no words).

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